Sensing my exhaustion, my brother suggested I begin a blog to keep my family updated throughout my husband's cancer diagnosis and treatment - a way to mitigate redundancies and constant phone calls. After I published my first post, I felt a little lighter. I kept going.


Writing was the buoy that kept me afloat during these most painful moments of my life. These essays were my attempt at managing pain, shaping the story, understanding my emotions, and sifting through the chaos of our lives after the diagnosis.  

My husband is cancer-free for 5 years, and thriving in our new home in Hawaii - perhaps the furthest away from his treatment in DC as possible. Maybe it was what subconsciously drove him here, maybe he is still trying to outrun it.


Or maybe it's just me.


Cancer, for a time, defined us. Now, no longer. This collection is his journey through cancer from my vantage point...